Sunrise Hike

Standing atop Echo Mountain under a (mostly) full moon

4 am… not pm

Yes, today I got up at the ungodly hour of 4 am. After reading Jerry Spinelli’s, Star Girl in 5th grade, I’ve always wanted to get up really early, go somewhere, drink tea, and watch the sunrise but never have.  I thought waking up and hiking to the top of Echo Mountain to see the sunrise would be the perfect way to start my project and test out some equipment.  It seemed like a great idea until my alarm went off and I realized it was dark and cold.  The actual getting up wasn’t too bad considering I was really only half awake, but hiking before I’d even had any coffee wasn’t quite as exhilarating as I had hoped.  However, after about half an hour, I started to finally wake up. I also learned that hiking before dawn is pretty much exactly the same as hiking during any other time except for small differences that make it so much better. I loved seeing the street lights twinkle, being completely alone on the trail, walking with only the moon for light, and seeing the outline of the city. We reached the top early enough to huddle up in sleeping bags and make tea while we waited for the sun to rise. Luckily for us the clouds surrounding the mountains, created an amazing orange and pink sunrise. It was such a great way to end Thanksgiving break and start my project.


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