I have a route!


Strawberry Peak. It looks like a Strawberry on its side, maybe?


Get Dropped off at Red Box and hike to the meadow
Hike from the meadow and get picked up at Switzer
Full Route on Gaia GPS/ Cal Topo

If you’ve the title of this blog post, you’ll know that I have a route! I am planing on going on about a 10 mile, 2 day trip.  I was originally planning on doing a slightly longer trip but due to the fact that I’ve never gone backing or hiked that long carrying almost ⅕ of my body weight I thought it would be best to start with something a little less daunting.  On the first day, I plan to get dropped off at Red Box in the San Gabriel* mountains then hike from there to Strawberry Meadows which circumnavigates Strawberry Peak.  On the first the day I will travel about 4.7 miles with an 877 foot elevation gain.  On the second day, I will continue with about 535 feet of climbing and another 4.7 miles to Switzer Falls which where I will be picked up! Also, an advantage of this route is that  due to snow melt I won’t have to carry much water because I can just filter the water available which will cut down my pack weight considerably.


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