A day on Pixie Rock

Topping out on “Who’s First” (5.6)  – photo by Geoff Albert

So I know the whole reason we went to Joshua Tree was to test equipment but in reality I could have done that in my backyard.  The real, real reason I wanted to go to Joshua Tree was to go rock climbing! My dad used to go rock climbing all the time when I was little and I’ve always wanted to try it.  Two things: It’s so unbelievably fun but it is so much harder than it looks.  I took a seven hour class which at the time seemed a little excessive but I was excited and nervous.  It’s crazy how much you can learn in seven hours.  I thought we would only learn basic bouldering and nothing really scary or tall. However we not only covered bouldering but also moved on to top rope climbing. The first time I tried the top rope climbing I was terrified.  My first couple attempts I made it to the top but they were stressful and frustrating.  I decided that I was glad I had tried it but that maybe rock climbing just wasn’t for me. I opted out of trying the final, most difficult climb of the day however I had a last minute change of heart and decided I would only do half of it.  Except for the first time, something clicked.  Suddenly I wasn’t nervous anymore, I could think clearly, I knew where to go. I was actually having fun. Even though it was the hardest climb of the day, it was my fastest time and my cleanest. After ending on that note, I’m really excited to go out and try some more climbing.

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