Testing out the gear in JT

Tucked in at Indian Cove in Joshua Tree Natl Park

Cold seems to be a theme with me >.<


We went to Joshua Tree!!! I’ve never been before and it’s so amazing. The mountains were so cool! Over the hundreds of thousands of millions of years the wind has eroded the mountains leaving behind rock formations that are pretty much just huge granite boulders.  The other thing I had always heard loads about Joshua Tree were how amazing the stars look at night. I love stars and astronomy has always been an interest of mine so getting to camp out under the stars without a tent was astonishing.  I got to see constellations and even planets that I never get to see in Pasadena due to the light pollution. The stars were so bright you could move around our campsite without a headlamp.


Even though the stars and rock formations were stunning the practical reason we went to Joshua Tree was to test out our backpacking equipment!  I wanted to test and practice with certain items like my sleeping bag, camp stove, and Esbit cubes. I wanted to make sure that I would be warm enough in my sleeping bag, a long sleeve, and tights because the conditions at Joshua Tree were supposed to be similar to when I do my trip. They were definitely not warm enough! I could barely sleep all night because I was so cold.  But now I know that I need to find warmer clothing for the night.


My dad and I also decided to have a mini competition between Esbit cubes and our IsoButane to see the difference between weight and how long they took to boil water.  The Esbit cubes are squares of hexamine which when set on fire can be used as a stove. The cubes are lighter than the butane burner but ended up taking much longer to heat water.  For my backpacking trip I think I’ll carry the little extra weight and take the IsoButane burner.


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