A Change of Plans


Last weekend I was supposed to finally go on my two day trip but I got food poisoning so I had to post pone to this weekend! But now it looks like Strawberry Meadow is going to be completely snowed in… I had two options of either postponing it another weekend or choosing somewhere new.  Since I don’t know if the weather is going to be better by next weekend so I think I’m just going to be spontaneous and try to find a new place…


UPDATE:  I am going to go back to Joshua Tree. Since I won’t be close to home and my parents can’t just drop me off, dad will be joining me. I’ll be on my own with carrying my own stuff and taking care of myself, but it will be nice to have his company. We are going to go on the California Riding and Hiking Trail: Covington Flat to Keys View, Quail Mountain which looks like it will be about 9 miles roundtrip and will end at the top of Quail Mountain.  This route also incorporates cross country hiking which means I’ll get to use more of my new navigational skills. Also, since Joshua Tree is a desert, there isn’t any source of water on our route which means we will have to bring our own water which will add a lot of weight. However, we won’t need to bring water filtration anymore.


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